Large Room HEPA Air Purifier
Large Room HEPA Air Purifier
Large Room HEPA Air Purifier
Large Room HEPA Air Purifier
Large Room HEPA Air Purifier
Large Room HEPA Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Large Room HEPA Air Purifier

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"This is such a lifesaver especially since I have bad allergies!"

Why You NEED this Air Purifier

Pollen Protection

Clean Air

Odor Elimination

Improved Sleep

Dust Reduction

Healthier Living

Breathe Pure Air

Experience cleaner, fresher air with our air purifier's three-layer filtration system, including a H13 HEPA filter, active carbon filter, and pre-filter, removing up to 99.97% of airborne particles. From fine dust to pet dander, our purifier ensures no air pollutants bypass its powerful filters.

Refresh Your Space

Our air purifier features a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter, effectively capturing dust, pollen, smoke, odor, and pet dander. Create a healthier environment in your bedroom, study, or kid's room with a pervading air flow that covers up to 224 square feet, improving indoor air quality.

For Your Well-being

Perfect for pet owners, parents with newborns, and individuals with sensitivities, our air purifier tackles everything from coarse impurities like pet dander to 0.3-micron particles like pollen and mold spores.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

This is such a life saver especially since I have bad allergies! This helps me breath better and not be dying in my home and also helps my two allergy kiddos I noticed they sleep better and breathe better during the night and have less congestion as before.
Noise wise it’s not bad at all I don’t hear it at all anymore it’s next to my bed.

Karley C

We live in a very dusty old apartment, because in Alaska that's just how most of them are. I've been worried about the air we are breathing so I bought these and noticed a difference immediately. I woke up breathing better and the light and noise settings are perfect. I also love that we can put some essential oils in our room. It's perfect! just what I was looking for. Can't wait to check the filter and see how much grime we have going on.

Michele Hayghe

The pollen has been awful lately and I'd been waking up with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat and itchy eyes. After buying this, I've noticed a huge difference. The air smells cleaner and my breathing is tons better.


I was waking up in the morning congested, coughing, and runny nose. I don't have alergies and I'm not sick, so what's up. I googled the best way to resolve this and an air purifier was recommended. I always try to go with the Amazon choice and I really liked the reviews for this one. My morning congestions is almost gone. The runny nose stopped immediately, My cough has also gotten better. On the low setting, I don't hear the low hum. It may even be a benefit because it is so low. I placed it at the end of my bed, so the little blue light does not bother me. It is there, but it's not even as bright as a night light so no issue for me. I have it in my bedroom, which is about 9X13, with the doors closed. I turn it on high about an hour before I go to bed, then turn it down when I go to sleep. It's been one of the best purchases I made. Highly recommend.

Great for allergies

I'm alergic to dust and was having a real hard time breathing at night, I felt like I was choking on dust, so I searched a long time before purchasing this as it was in my budget. Purchased for bedroom and it's not quite as good as I had hoped, however, the room doesn't *seem* as stuffy. It sits on my night stand, which it's really too big for, but when on the floor I couldn't even tell it was on.
I sleep better with it on, but anything other than lowest setting is too loud, so I usually turn on high a couple hours before bedtime. There is no gauge that tells what air quality is, so other than shining a light in the air to catch the dust in the beam, lol, there's no way to really tell how it's doing. I probably wouldn't buy another one, but I'm glad I bought something. Will probably save up to get one of the high $$$ ones later.
I did buy the replacement filters too, so I'll probably use it til it stops working.
For the price, it's ok, but I've never owned an air purifier so, not sure how it really rates against competition.
If your room is very small, this could help.